Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Clouds have come ... can the rains be far behind - Part 10

I remembered the thick dark clouds which I saw last evening on the way back from office.  But today morning when I started for office, I did not see dark clouds, atleast of the variety which I saw last evening.

A short while after this, I saw a big plane about to land.

In the Santa Cruz airport area, though there were large clouds, they were not dark enough.  Nothing of the sort which will indicate that rains are imminent.

In the evening on the way back home, saw the sun set.  It was a grand scene, one which I haven't seen for years.  Well, if we have to see the sun set, then we should also leave office in time!  I was not feeling well and left around 6.30 pm and was compensated with the nice scene of the clouds trying to hide the sun behind them, of the birds going in the groups, ...  it was a grand scene.  In a few places, at times, I felt as if, something bright is burning at a distance.. the sun was grand.

The birds too were going back to their nests... but unlike humans, they were going together.  Who knows.. the market economy may not have touched their kingdom and maybe they are still living happily without worrying about the cost of living...

The sun was setting and even then the powerful rays pierced through the cloud formations, showing clearly who the boss is!  Oh! What did I see there in the distant horizon... the clouds showed themselves in various shapes and sizes, ... what does that look like... is it a mountain.. Mmm.. it looks like a river - with the water moving slowly ... maybe it also enjoyed the sun set in the Western sky and so it moved slowly.


In some places it looked pretty bright, as if there is a big fire in that area.

As the direction of the road changed to some extent, I came a bit closer to the sun...

I said one final namaste to Surya Bhagavan. And then I finally moved away from the western side.  As I took the right turn, I moved away from the direction of the sun with this final photo.

And that's the end of the day.. no rains today.. but was witness to a wonderful sunset.