Monday, June 7, 2010

Clouds have come ... can the rains be far behind - Part 9

Today I saw more clouds than in the past days.. they were darker too.  Took a few photos in the morning (around 9-9.30 am) on the way to office. Thought it might rain a bit.  It did rain for a short while today afternoon, but not much.

On the way back home, I saw thick formation of clouds, darker in colour than in past days. 

At this stage, it drizzled a bit.  Thought it might rain heavily.  But nothing of that sort happened.  It continued to drizzle lightly for a short while and then stopped.  Here and there, sun was visible from behind the dark clouds.

Even as the drizzle stopped, I saw a plane go towards the dark clouds... it entered the dark clouds and then disappeared from view.

Looking at the dark clouds, I thought it might rain heavily tomorrow.  Let's see what happens.