Sunday, June 6, 2010

Clouds have come ... can the rains be far behind - Part 8

Last night (June 5, 2010), it drizzled.  It was mid-night or past mid-night ... the chillness that came through the balcony and the water carried by the breeze, woke me up. 

Today (June 6, 2010), it was cloudy as I started for Andheri. 

Once I reached Andheri, it rained mildly.  I noticed a group of children playing on the road in Amboli (opposite to Sairam Mandir) and enjoying the rains.  How sad.. I missed to snap them as my auto rickshaw sped away.  I compensated this loss a little bit by taking two photos of children playing in rains, inside a residential complex, which was my next halt for the day.

The rains brought down the temperature visibly atleast in Andheri where I was at that point in time.  It might rain in the coming days with increased intensity and we will know if Mumbai city is geared to welcome the rains.