Thursday, September 2, 2010

Rains + Bad roads + traffic jams = Tension!

It rained quite a bit for the last few days.  Hummingbird took a short video using his mobile (August 30, 2010).

It again rained heavily on August 31, 2010 yet fortunately, there was no traffic jam.  September 1st was a different day.  It didn't rain yet there was heavy traffic on the way to office.  Till the end, Hummingbird could never figure out what was the cause for the traffic jam.  However, he could take a few snaps using his mobile.  

Hummingbird reached office late   Yet he was smart enough to SMS his MD that he saw an investee company's 'building' on the way... and so should 'notionally' be counted as 'On Duty'...

Today was a good day.  For a change, it didn't rain.  It was a local government holiday on account of Gokulashtami and there wasn't much traffic on the roads.  Went to office peacefully.  Roads were almost empty in the morning.  Hummingbird wishes each day to be like this - less traffic on the roads... and peaceful.  Ofcourse, the roads continue to be bad.  Continuous rains haven't battered his spirit.  He is happy that there won't be drinking water problem this year.  Hummingbird hopes that the authorities would do something to restore the roads to a better condition.  

Hummingbird is an eternal optimist.  He still believes the government machinery would work, there would be less and less corruption in future, contractors won't cheat, roads would actually be laid and they would be of good quality and long lasting, entrepreneurs would be honest, politicians won't cheat... Well, Hummingbird is an eternal optimist.