Thursday, September 30, 2010

Special harmony

Hummingbird came across an interesting article in Business Line (Life, September 17, 2010).  It talks about Tasleema who belongs to a family of musicians. She says that her interest in Shabad Kirtan took root when, as a six-year-old, she watched her father's Sikh students learning to play the tabla and harmonium for Shabad Kirtans. 

Tasleem Langoo sings (Source:  Business Line, Sep 17, 2010)
Some excerpts from the article -
Her high point was when she was asked to perform at the Golden Temple in Amritsar in 2007. Her sweet voice brought tears to the eyes of many. An old woman hugged her and kissed her hands, saying, “You are the voice of Sikh women and an honour to the Sikh community.” The woman then removed her gold earrings and gifted them to the stunned singer.
“That was so moving. It is one of the biggest compliments I have received so far,” says Tasleema. “But she didn't know that the girl she was praising was not a Sikh but a Muslim from Kashmir,” she chuckles.

Tasleema has never felt any conflict between her religion and her passion. “The basics of all religions are the same as they lead to one Supreme God,” she says and recites her favourite shabad — Kareema raheema Allah tu gani.
Hummingbird had visited Gurudvaras (Delhi & Ludhiana) and offered prayers without understanding one word of what was spoken there.  Hummingbird believes that all places of worship are sanctified by the presence of God and is happy to read about a soul doing something which appeals to her heart believing in the oneness of God even at a time when politicians/media are busy dividing people.