Thursday, August 19, 2010

Guilty will not be spared..

Congress President Sonia Gandhi on Thursday said those found guilty of corruption in the upcoming Commonwealth Games will be punished once the event is over, reports ANI (Source:  CWG Scam: Sonia Gandhi says those guilty will not be spared).

Janab Cynic Ali is wondering whether it is the usual talk of law will take its own course and no one would be spared, howsoever he is mighty etc.  Of course, he is yet to recover from the news that Ramalinga Raju was granted bail (Source: Business Line, August 19, 2010).  If a person who publicly acknowledged the wrong doings is not yet punished and nearly 20 months after his arrest he also gets a bail, and if the case is not yet finished, when will the corrupt be punished in the CWG scam, ponders Janab Cynic Ali?

Any answers? 

Well, let us tell Janab Saheb, that whatever happened in all the previous scams, will happen now too.  Cheer up Janab Saheb, this is modern India.  Mera Bharat Mahan!