Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Silent Indian National Anthem

Hummingbird came across an interesting review by Sri Pathap Suthan in Mint (January 29, 2011) titled "The Ring of Truth".  It's about a film on the national anthem created by Mudra Group for Reliance BIG Cinemas and features children with hearing disabilities singing the National Anthem through their sign language.
Some excerpts from the review:
The thought, “Patriotism knows no language”, is so true, and using special children to gather India under their unified umbrella of God-given diversity is touching. Not only does the film ignite the pride barometer, it also silently pushes the more fortunate among us to appreciate ourselves, thank our completeness, and revisit our humanity and humility. 

I love many moments in this film. But the one I love most is the image of hands gesticulating the flutter of our flag. It makes my heart beat prouder, and suddenly, we have an expression to communicate the freedom of our Tiranga, and capture the swell of our Jana Gana Mana.

There’s only one premise: truth. No lie can change what your soul believes. The moment truth is retailed, blood begins to purify itself, and the heart recharges itself.

The ordinary man is a forgiving simpleton whose heart is in the right place. A small dose of pride, and India is once again Sara Jahan se Achcha. But look at what the nation injects into his mind. Scams, religious divide, corruption and everything that punctures his poor bosom. How long will he keep inflating his ego with pride, and then watch it deflate as his leaders brazenly indulge in less-than-leadership activities? Pride is (like) collective oxygen. It’ll run short if we abuse it.
Even as Hummingbird was wondering about the film, Prof Subramanian tweeted the link to the film in You Tube. 

Thanks to Prof Subramanian, Hummingbird enjoyed watching this film.  Yes it was truly heartwarming.

Hummingbird hopes and prays that 2011 will be a better year for the country - for the aam aadmi about whom everyone speaks, but does nothing.